The Olive Grove “Els Carlets“ de La Sénia

The Mil&Un Verd project emerges from the fusion between tradition and modernity. This exciting project emerged from many long conversations between a grandfather and his grandson, bonded by their restless desire to share the experiences that surround extra virgin olive oil, gave rise to this exciting project. 

From our family’s olive grove, we carefully produce the liquid gold that satisfies the most demanding palates with its intense and unique flavor.

Els Carlets estate, located in La Sénia , a village located near the ancient roman Via Augusta, is the epicenter of the very limited production of Arbor Sacris, the AOVE made from our 19 millennial olive trees from the Farga variety, declared Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

For Mil & Un Verd, a quality olive oil is a source of life, wellbeing, and health. Therefore, we take special care throughout the entire production process, bringing our olives only to the best oil mills in the area, and relying on the professional advice of the Institute of Research and Agri-Food Technology of Catalonia (IRTA). 

Árbor Sacris

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Ready to thrill your senses?

Savor the essence of ancient olive trees with an exclusive annual production of 500 bottles

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Arbor Sacris, Quality Assurance Trademark "Aceite Farga Milenaria"

Árbol Sacris

Summum quality olive oil from the Sénia territory straight to your palate.

Our Arbor Sacris olive oil is protected under the “Guarantee Quality Assurance Trademark “ACEITE FARGA MILENARIA”, a brand regulated by the commonwealth of the Taula del Senia.

This accreditation ensures that our oil comes exclusively from millennial olive trees that exceed 3.50 meters in perimeter at a height of 1.30 meters (measured from the ground).

Each one of the Farga variety olive trees had been catalogued and classified individually by the commonwealth of the Taula del Senia and declared Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

The Guarantee Quality Assurance Trademark Aceite Farga Milenaria certifies that the oil under their trademark complies with physical-chemical and organoleptic analyses required by European regulations.
Guarantee Quality Assurance Trademark

Choose Arbor Sacris, the millennial EVOO oil that marks the difference.

Its Mediterranean soul takes you on a gastronomic journey to share on great occasions.
Its flavor, an unforgettable gift.

Discover it!

Characteristics of our Farga Arbor Sacris olive oil

A delight for the soul, an ally to your wellbeing.

With an extremely limited production, our Arbor Sacris olive oil comes from trees classified, catalogued, and certified as millennial and ancient, extracted by cold pressure and natural filtering. 

Taste our Extra Virgin Olive Oil rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid (Omega 6) and vitamin E, with excellent health benefits, being a perfect ally against aging and cardiovascular diseases. 

The Farga olive variety is native to the Sénia territory and is the dominant variety in all the millennial olive trees. However, there have been no new plantations of this variety in the last 100 years due to its cultivation characteristics. The variety Farga is stable, robust, and vigorous, but often of low production and maturing. The locals cultivate and carefully take care of the Farga ancient trees considering them an heritage from their ancestors, and evoke memories of the past. The Farga variety olive oil is UNIQUE, not only for its flavor and organoleptic characteristics, but also for the emotion it embodies.

Tasting notes:

With an Intense green fruity profile, it is softly pungent, with balanced and clear bitter and sweet components. An evident astringency on the palette, surrounded by secondary aromas of vegetable nuances, easy to perceive, with clear herbaceous connotations of cut grass, notes of leaves (such as artichoke, and tomato), as well as a softer quality reminding of almonds, green banana, fennel or even floral elements.

Arbor Sacris

Millennial EVOO

The perfect Aove

Ideal gift

Millennial EVOO

Extremely Limited Production

Exclusive, elegant, daring. SUBLIME.

Oil worthy of being present on the table for the greatest of occasions.

Try it or gift it.



The entire production process of the Arbor Sacris olive oil from millennial olive trees is audited by ‘Norma Agricola’ consultancy, ensuring the traceability of our product within the Guarantee Quality Assurance Trademark Farga Milenaria’.



Due to the width of these ancestral trees, harvesting their olives is a difficult task. The olives must be manually picked at an optimal point of maturity.


We transport our Fraga variety olives them on the same day of harvesting, in refrigerated trucks, and in 25kg-max boxes to ensure the arrival to the mill in optimal conditions.

100 % Mediterranean flavor

At the olive mill, our oil is extracted in an exclusive production line for our millennial olives, under a controlled filtration process and at a temperature lower than 27ºC, preserving the aroma and taste of the just - harvested fruit.

Filtered according to tradition

The controlled filtration process has the added benefit of producing a clear and crystalline product which becomes a pure spectacle for your palate.

Protected storage

Our millennial liquid gold is stored in stainless steel tanks, protected from light and over-oxygenation.

Packaging Premium

Arbor Sacris EVOO is packaged in 250 and 500 ml bottles, each one manually labelled to convey all the affection that Mil&UnVerd has poured into this product.

Distinguished honors awarded to Mil&un Verd

Winner of a Gold Medal in Quality awarded in Tokyo by the International Olive Oil Contest OLIVE JAPAN® 2020.

Silver Medal in Design and Packaging at GOOA 2020. Awarded for its viability, innovation, and impact.

Golden Medal in Quality at Berlin Global Olive Oil Contest GOOA 2020, synonymous with the excellence and quality recognition.

Gold medal in Quality at 2020 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition. Our first victory at the world’s largest and most prestigious EVOO contest.

Our packaging has won a Gold Medal in the Evooleum contest for: Best EVOO premium design – Evoleum Premium Pack 2019

Evoo packaging Awards 2019

Mil&Un Verd has been awarded the LIDER PACK 2019 prize for: Best Premium pack – Premium Liderpack


We have also been awarded with the 2019 ARCA prize for: Best Food packaging - Best Premium pack - Luxury packaging


Mil&Un Verd opens the doors of "Els Carlets" olive grove to provide you with a sensorial experience under the shade of our millennial trees.

Would you like to experience up close, these 19 monumental pieces of art that had been sculpted by the passage of time? Sign up for one of our Mil&Un Verd organized visits and uncover all the secrets of the "Els Carlets" olive grove.

Throughout the visit you will get to know the full process which turns Farga olives into extra-virgin olive oil, from harvest to filtration, giving you an insight into the joys of this trade. The visit concludes with an olive oil tasting where you will experience first-hand the nuances and incredible flavor of Arbor Sacris.

Discover the landscape of the Senia region, the kingdom of millennial olive trees, declared a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

In this region we find the highest concentration of millennial olive trees in the world, with more than 5,000 trees, certified by the "Commonwealth of the Taula del Senia".

Throughout this visit we will discover different oleo-tourism routes and enjoy the fabulous landscape created by our millennial trees. 

This Farga-variety olive trees, together with the drystone terraces and houses (traditional structures from that area) were declared a World Heritage Site and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2018.

Enter the private estate of “Els Carlets” and admire these majestic natural monuments, the most significant inheritance left to us from the founding fathers of our Mediterranean culture.


Because your tasting always has a nice aftertaste.

An olive oil with an impeccable quality!


I received it as a gift, and it surpassed all my expectations


It is a very sweet oil, which I use for all my salads!



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